Sautéed Mushrooms



PREP: 10 minutes

COOK: 30 minutes


1 Poundwhite, brown, cremini or portobello
1 tbspbalsamic vinegar 
2 tbspextra virgin olive oil
2 tbspunsalted butter (lactose free)
1/4 cupwhite wine
1 sprigfresh thyme (or a pinch of dried thyme)
2 clovesgarlic (or 1 tsp powder)
1/2 tspCayenne pepper
1/2 tspRed pepper flakes


Clean mushrooms by gently wiping with a paper towel. Slice into thick slices (about ½”).

Add butter and oil to a pan and heat over medium high heat.

Quickly toss the mushrooms & balsamic vinegar (used as substitute for say sauce that contains too much salt)

Add the mushrooms to the pan and toss with olive oil mixture.

Do not stir allow to cook about 4-5 minutes without disturbing to brown on one side.

Add white wine if using and allow to evaporate. Add garlic and thyme (if using).

Continue cooking an additional 3-4 minutes stirring occasionally until cooked.

Add pepper to taste. No salt added is always better for you!

TIP: How to Caramelize Mushrooms:

Start by wiping mushrooms with a damp paper towel.  (Very quickly rinsing mushrooms under water  is ok too.)

  1. Use Butter and Olive Oil:  Everything is better with butter!
  2. Do Not Crowd the Pan: Do not let the mushrooms simmer in their own juices.
  3. Do Not Stir Too Much: Allow the mushrooms to form a crust -> let them sit on one side without stirring.
  4. Turn Up the Heat: Add additional flavors such as wine or Worcestershire sauce in small quantities while the pan is very hot.

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