Classic Cheese Omelette

The basic omelette is pure perfection. Once you master it, it is simple to experiment with fillings: onions, potatoes, bacon, ….



PREP: 3-5 minutes

COOK: ~ 3-5 minutes


1/8 tspcayenne pepper (or pick you any other pepper you like)
2 tspsour cream or creme fraiche
1 tspextra virgin olive oil (or butter)
1/4 cupshredded cheese (Cheddar, parmesan, gruyere, emental, …)


  1. In a small bowl, crack the eggs. With a fork, whisk vigorously together with the pepper. (Tip: You can add 1/2 teaspoon of water or milk.)
  2. Heat a small 8-inch or 10-inch nonstick skillet at medium-high heat, with the butter or oil fully coating the surface, for ~1 minute, then pour in the eggs.
  3. First cook the omelette for ~ 15 seconds and when a skin starts to form sprinkle on top the cheese, sour cream (and other filling ingredients). After ~1 minute run a spatula under the omelette to release it from the pan and fold the omelette in half (multi-fold also fine based on preferences). This can be a but messy based on size and fillings, so keep folding as needed! Cook for another minute of two. I like to flip the pan and turn the omelette over for the last 30 seconds to 1 minute of cooking. Note: Rely on look and feel rather than time for cooking! The outside should be a pale golden and the inside soft and creamy. For a harder cooked omelette, cook longer.
  4. Serve immediately. Best with little green onions, toasts and potatoes!

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